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hp herniated disc spine

Herniated Disc

(Slipped Disc, Ruptured Disc, Torn Disc)

A herniated disk refers to a problem with one of the rubbery cushions (disks) between the individual bones (vertebrae) that stack up to make your spine.

Meet Our Doctors

Our board-certified doctors make up one of the most advanced diagnostic and surgical treatment teams.

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  • Less

    Whenever possible, our surgical team uses the latest minimally invasive procedures.

  • Faster

    Because of our powerful endoscopic technology, your recovery time is dramatically decreased.

  • Lower

    At Austin Surgical Institute, we deliver the best medical care for less.

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What Patients Say

“Dr. Kuhns is just the greatest…I don’t know even know how to repay Dr. Kuhns for giving me my life back…I couldn’t walk because I was in so much pain. I can’t give enough praise for this doctor – I feel so much gratitude for him, he’s just wonderful!”

– James T.

“Dr Wupperman is the greatest surgeon. He has done two fusions on me and they are minimally invasive. He will spend the time necessary to ensure that you are knowledgeable of what he is doing. He is one of the most caring Dr’s I have ever met. If you have a back problem he is the one to see. Thank you very much as I now have my back, back!!!!!”

– Laura